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Briefly ball mill grinding media Business

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The grinding medium task is to enter Ball Mill in crush block material and ground to a fine powder. Just enter the materials in the grinding in about 20 mm of particle size, and finally to grind into 0.08 mm the following fine powder (generally can't more than 15% more than screen). Grinding body just got into the large chunks of material (coarse grinding warehouse) with heavy impact is given priority to, grinding is complementary, will its beat. This period will inevitably grinding between body of collision. Mill in the operation of strong voice, mainly from coarse grinding warehouse. As the material particle size decreases, and will go to a warehouse under the flow, grinding medium to give priority to drown, voice weakened gradually, after fine grinding sent out the grinding, different kinds and specifications of grinding medium in different ground storehouse.
1. Steel ball
Steel ball is the most widely used a grinding medium in ball mill, steel ball grinding process in material happen contacts, to material huge impact, mainly for the double warehouse open first storehouse (feeding, is also the coarse grinding warehouse) double storehouse two storehouse closed-circuit mill (coarse and fine grinding warehouse). The diameter of the ball in for 15 ~ 125 mm, according to the grinding process requirement, coarse grinding warehouse general selection 50 to 110 mm, and fine grinding storehouse 20 to 50 mm selection of various specifications are steel ball.
2. Steel section
Grinding machines were fine grinding warehouse, to material basically is grinding, steel (iron) section steel ball can replace, its appearance for short cylindrical or cone, and material happen line contact, abrasive is strong, but the impact is small, used for fine grinding warehouse is more appropriate.
3. Steel bar
This is wet grinding commonly used grinding medium.
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